How Data Analysis is Improving the Recruitment Process

Recruitment methods are continually advancing to streamline the process and help you find the best candidate to keep your business moving forward. With so many job applications happening online, you may often find yourself taking a chance on an applicant because their resume checks all the necessary boxes. But how can you be sure they possess the skill sets that you need in your new employee?

Digital analytics play a significant role in recruitment to help you make well-informed decisions on whether you should proceed to the interview stage. Using digital measures, you can assess your potential hires or rely on analytics to determine whether they have the skills and qualifications that suit your company. You can also conduct proactive recruitment if your data find people who have not applied but possess the qualities you need in your new hire.

Here are some ways that data analytics are impacting the recruitment process to help you find the best suitable candidates:

Sorting Applications

Using applicant tracking systems (ATS), you can automate the process of going through tens, hundreds, or possibly thousands of applications online. This system will save you plenty of time, as the ATS will organize applicants to determine who is most suitable for your open position according to the keywords and subjects listed on their resume and cover letter. With this software, you can notify your applicants that you’ve received their information and send assessments for them to complete. This will help to refine your search without losing time looking through irrelevant applications.

Refining Your Talent Pool

Using digital, automated assessments, you can funnel your talent pool, leaving the most qualified candidates for you to contact for an interview. Your candidate can complete a survey that requires self-evaluation of hard and soft skills or listing how they would manage scenarios they’d encounter in the job role. These assessments will offer answers you’d commonly find out in a job interview. Automating this process will save you time and allow you to ask other valuable questions in your interview stage.

Using Talent Insights on LinkedIn, you can explore talent pools and compile data like which schools source the best talent for your company, or what industries or jobs the most suitable applicants should have worked in the past, and more. With these analytics, you can determine your target new hire and learn where to seek them.

Raising Fill Rates and Retention Rates

With a refined, digitized recruitment process, you will reduce plenty of redundancy in your interview process. Your recruitment technology will help you achieve successful new hire metrics, which will reduce the everyday struggles faced when filling open job positions. You’ll notice improvements in your recent hire performances, reduced staff turnover within their first three months, and more top talent characteristics in your workforce.

Data analytics benefits hiring managers and recruitment teams because they automate the sorting process and bring the best talent forward. Your hiring process will be more efficient as you can interview candidates more suitable to fill your open job role and perform well with your company. You’ll find the best top talent in a flash so your business can continue making progress without a hitch when filing a job opening.

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